Costuming process test from the 2019 Slave Rebellion Reenactment by resident Dread Scott.

About Antenna::Spillways

A spillway is an engineering feat that provides controlled release of water from a river levee. Several spillways surround the city of New Orleans providing important control of flooding from the Mississippi. For Antenna, the Spillways residency is a way of providing the meaningful dispersion of outside thought and practice into the city through the development of creative feats. Spillways hosts national and international artists, writers, and cultural organizers that are interested in developing projects within the greater New Orleans region, and whose efforts question, transform, or expand the vibrant visual and literary culture of the area. At least four residents are chosen each year to develop ambitious projects that aim for thoughtful public impact and engagement within the greater New Orleans region.



Residents will be awarded paid travel to and from New Orleans, an initial two week stay in Antenna’s residency space, a $1000 honorarium, and introductions to local stakeholders in their areas of interest. Spillways focuses on process over production, so in these initial immersive two weeks, residents are encouraged to come with an open mind and let their ideas adapt to what they have learned. Each resident’s experience will be modeled to spark projects that react in unique and interesting ways to the cultural fabric of the city.


Once returning home, residents will have up to three months to develop a proposal for a project within the city. Antenna encourages ambitious project proposals that aim for thoughtful public impact or engagement, which must include a significant outreach component. This could range from visits to local schools, free community workshops, public lectures, or other programs that help the public to better understand the resident’s creative process.

Once a proposal is received, the Antenna team works immediately assessing feasibility and tailoring its approach based on the needs of the project, including funding and materials required. Not every project proposal will be accepted, but if accepted residents will have the full support and assistance (financial and otherwise) of the Antenna staff to develop their project, regardless of scale, and will have the benefit of the organization’s 12 years of experience working in the region to assist at every step to help bring the resident’s idea to life. Despite ultimately being the resident’s project, Antenna envisions this process being inherently collaborative and the most successful projects will incorporate New Orleans’ based individuals into their development.



-Open to national and international visual artists, writers, collectives, or long-term collaborative projects.
-For artists: you must have a desire to develop work outside of a traditional studio model.
-For writers: you must have an interest in developing written works that require extended time within a self-defined local community.
-Applicants must be working in their field of expertise for at least 5 years.
-Must live outside of the greater New Orleans area.
-Cannot currently be a student enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs.


The Spillways Residency Program was piloted with Tavares Strachan‘s work “You Belong Here” during Prospect: New Orleans 3.  The Antenna team assisted in connecting Strachan and his team to local fabricators, assisted in securing donated materials, and helped produce a unique mobile device app that took users on a virtual tour of the city with famed tour guide Speed Levitch.

Director of Strachan’s Studio, Christophe Thompson, said of their experience as part of the program:

“Working with Antenna was integral to the success of the project, due to both the well of insight they have, and assistance they were always on hand to generously offer. The deep network of positive, hardworking, people there were always near for problem solving and logistics, and were a constant resource in the realization of the innovative interactive app.

Antenna has immersed itself deeply into the community. Its roots are becoming anchored into the neighborhood, and it was quite refreshing to engage the various programs that are presented for the arts and for kids.”

Antenna::Spillways is funded in part by the VIA Art Fundthe Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and by generous contributions of individuals just like you!

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