Locked at the End of the World

People call a lot of places around here the “end of the world.” First time I heard the term it was on a Grand Isle beach with some friends after the 2010 BP oil spill. The name made sense, especially …

The Installation of Tragedy and The Ideology of Open Space

Interviewer : Why don’t you draw people in your drawings? Khalid Abdel Rahman:  I feel like the people I know disappeared. On April 19, 2015, the Italian navy determined that at least 800  and as many…

Mostly Dead Things at Saturn Bar with Kristen Arnett

Wednesday, June 12th 7PM Saturn Bar: 3067 St Claude Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana 70117 Come celebrate the release of Kristen Arnett’s debut novel, Mostly Dead Things with Room 220! Featuring readings b…

Dimitris Lyacos: Poena Damni

Dimitris Lyacos is the author of the Poena Damni trilogy (Z213: EXIT, With The People From The Bridge, The First Death). So far translated into ten languages, Poena Damni developed as a work in progre…

“We’re Americans”: A look atJordan Peele’s, Us

Jordan Peele’s Us is a note-perfect nightmare of Late Capitalism. When I was seven years old, my family and I joined hands at the intersection of Rte. 1 and Maryland 175 in Jessup. Hands Across Americ…

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